Greetings from Donald J. Trump
Escape to a place like no other.  Le Chateau Des Palmiers is a rare Caribbean jewel where the mind, body and soul rejuvenate in complete privacy and respite.  Set in the eclectic locale of St. Martin, the best of two worlds combine to boast alluring French flair and vibrant Dutch excitement.

A Resort Getaway
Located within a private gated community, both residencies blend the elegance of a private chateau with the amenities found only in an exquisite resort.  Attention to detail defines Le Chateau des Palmiers.  From the graciously appointed rooms to the expansive recreational offerings, many elect to rarely venture from the chateau's luxurious and relaxing surroundings.

Situated directly on Plum Bay Beach on St. Martin in the French West Indies, you have your choice of 2 Caribbean villas. The Oceanside Villa features 5 bedrooms, and the Gardenside Villa has 4 bedrooms. Rent the Oceanside alone or both villas for a minimum of 5 days up to a month or more.

The Jewel of the Caribbean
These picturesque villas are a world-class estate, situated on 5 acres of landscaped serenity. During your stay, all your needs are catered to as we provide you with an entire suite of luxury guest services as well as many conveniences and amenities.

Le Chateau Des Palmiers
With 10 years experience of offering Le Chateau Des Palmiers to our guests, we are proud to offer you our jewel of the Caribbean for your one-of-a-kind villa experience.

Our estate epitomizes the very spirit of the Caribbean with all the elegance and ambience of a French seaside chateau. To enjoy the majestic Caribbean sunsets and our impeccable services, make your reservations now by calling our toll-free number at 646-679-4042.
I invite you to experience all the world class services and facilities that the Le Chateau Des Palmiers Club has to offer. I look forward to seeing you soon.


Donald J. Trump